Pathfinder Websites

Starter Websites for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Stop Procrastinating!

Most small businessesowners aren’t website experts and don’t have the staff resources to set one up.

Don’t let this stop you from publishing a website!

Take control of your Internet Presence

Imagine a secure self-service website tool that’s easy to use from Day One, generates customers, grows with your business needs and costs less than a cup of coffee per day.  

Our Solution makes website publishing stress-free!

Most small businesses only require a website to showcase their company message in a straight-forward and professional manner.

We’ve designed a website creation system specifically for freelancers and startup businesses so they don’t have to learn the technical ins-and-outs of hosting or managing software.  The only knowledge required is knowing how to publish a post.   …and we provide training for that!

The Divi Theme is Included

It’s the easiest and most powerful WordPress theme there is. There’s a reason why nearly a million websites run Divi. This WordPress theme is a web designer’s dream. Beautiful websites can easily be created without needing a background in coding.

Divi is easy to learn while capable of performing advanced design techniques.

Diving Deeper into the Divi Theme

Do you want to start building a beautiful website right away? After watching this 25 minute video, you’ll have enough knowledge to start creating a website using Divi.